Easy Science Experiments

Easy science experiments are designed for kids of all ages. These free and fun science activities are ideal for home school science students. The materials used in the experiments are commonly found around the home or can easily be obtained at a local store.

Mentos science experiment, Photo by Myrna Martin

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Young scientists will find these three science experiments about Earth Science easy and fun to do. Loop Airplanes has students creating loop airplanes out of straws and pieces of paper that can fly 30 feet or more with a push of the finger.

Does Air Have Weight are easy science experiments that demonstrates the answer to whether air does or does not have weight.

Ocean water is easier to float in than fresh water as this Floating Eggs experiment demonstrates. The experiment Tin Foil Boats has kids building miniature boats out of tin foil and seeing how much pennies of cargo their different models will hold.

Kids will like to try these water experiments. Penny Drop has kids dropping water onto the head of a penny. Dropping Clippies is a fascinating experiment about surface tension. See how many paperclips can be added to a full glass of water without overflowing the container.

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Students will enjoy doing these easy science experiments on physical science. Navigating the Oceans has kids creating their own compass using a needle and magnet. Swinging with Galileo is an experiment first conducted by Galileo showing how energy can be transferred to different objects. Amazing Experiments has students balancing a potato, fork and pencil so that only the pencil is resting on the table.

Our unit on Science Activities has many free and inexpensive ideas for students to create. Among the most interesting projects are building a model megathrust fault block to give students an understanding of what happened in the ocean during the two great Chilean earthquakes.

Our Science Projects has ideas that students can build and even turn into great science fair projects if they are looking for ideas.

More Links to Science Experiments

Air Pressure Experiments, Does Air Have Weight Find out in these air pressure experiments if air has weight and other fascinating facts about the air we breathe.

Amazing Science Experiments Try these amazing science experiments where you learn to balance a potato, fork and pencil on the edge of a table!

Cool Science Experiments, Loop Airplanes How far can you make 2 strips of paper and a straw fly through the air? Try this cool science experiment and find out!

Earth Science Experiments, Floating Eggs Fresh eggs sink in fresh water, see if you can get them to float in this fun science experiment.

Easy Science Experiment, Tin Foil Boats How many pennies do you think are the maximum you could put in a tin foil boat? Try this fun experiment and find out.

Elementary Science Experiments, Penny Drop In this fun science experiment you will see how many drops of water you can put on a penny without it overflowing.

Fun Science Experiment, Marble Powered Race Cars Create a ramp, a paper car and see how far you can make the car travel powered only by a marble!

Gravity Experiments, Perfect Landing Astronauts in the early days of space exploration returned to Earth using parachutes to slow their descent. In this experiment you create a variety of parachutes and test them.

Water Cycle Experiments, Floaters and Sinkers Try these amazing science experiments and find out how insects can walk on water!

Magnetism Experiments, Navigating the Oceans Do you know how to create a compass using only a needle and magnet? Try this easy experiment and find out!

Physical Science Experiments, Swinging With Galileo Try these fun physical science experiments first done by Galileo. See if you can make things swing on a string by pushing one object to set all the hanging strings in motion.

Plant Experiments, Creating Oxygen Try these fun and easy experiments about plants creating oxygen.

Volcano Science Experiments, Foaming Volcano Watch as your miniature volcano foams over the size of a crater and down the slopes in this fascinating experiment.

Kids Science Experiments, Rubber Band Shoot Out This fun experiment is filled with shooting rubber bands!

Water Experiments, Dropping Clippies Find out in these water experiments how many paperclips you can add to a full glass of water without it overflowing?

Easy Science Experiments Lots of easy experiments for kids of all ages.

Kids Fun Science Find out about science activities, experiments, plate tectonics and much more on this page.

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