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Apr 05, 2020

Fascinating Hubble Telescope Facts

s3 Hubble telescope

The Hubble has now been sending scientific information and images about the Universe back to Earth for 30 years. Images of the Universe are one of the great legacies of the Hubble Space Telescope.

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Dec 18, 2019

Ring of Fire Facts

Ring of Fire facts about the Pacific Ocean are constantly being discovered. There are 452 active and dormant volcanoes on the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean.

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Oct 09, 2019

What Causes Weather

Cyclone map NOAA

What causes weather to change? The rotation of the Earth each day and Earth’s orbit around the Sun causes uneven heating of the Earth’s surface.

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Oct 07, 2019

Fascinating Facts About the Oceans

8 O Facts About the Oceans

Learn about fascinating facts about the ocean including how the Atlantic Ocean is increasing in size as the Pacific Ocean becomes smaller. Deep-sea corals can live 4000 years without sunlight.

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Oct 06, 2019

What is Ring of Fire?

1 RF Ring of Fire

What is Ring of Fire? The Ring of Fire is an area around the Pacific Ocean where 70% of the volcanoes are located and 90% of the earthquakes occur on Earth..

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