Kids Science Activities

Lots of Fun science activities for everyone

The kids science activities in this section of our website uses inexpensive and recycled materials.   I taught school for many years and found that kids love doing science when the science lessons included an activity related to the topic of the lesson.

The science activities in this section of our website are all "kid tested" by my grandchildren. The picture below is one of the activities in our Weather book. This was one of my grandson's favorite activities.

Fun Kids Science activities

Yummy Sedimentary Sandwich  Find out how layers of mud and silt form clastic sedimentary rocks.

What's the dinosaur's balance point?  In this fun dinosaur activity you will learn how to use a dinosaur's center of gravity to determine if it walked on two legs or four legs.

Wheels of Spinning Colors Twirl a circle and watch the colors blend right before your eyes in these eye-catching activities.

Creating Leaf Placemats  Create your own one of a kind leaf placemats in this fun and easy activities.

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More Kids Science Activities

"Great" Earthquake Fault Blocks These "great" earthquake fault blocks demonstrates how tsunamis are generated during great earthquakes in the Pacific Ocean!

Dancing Raisins In this fun and easy activity you can watch raisins dancing in a glass of soda pop!

One Puff Paper Rockets  Create some cool paper rockets and see how far you can make them fly with a breath of air!

Building Earth's Elements Out of Clay   In this fun activity your will create a variety of molecules out of colored clay and toothpicks.

Which Bridge Will Hold the Most Weight?  Construct several paper bridges in this fun activity!

Water that Floats and Sinks  Find out what happens when ice cubes floating in a container begin to melt!

Pictures of Two Famous Constellations  Create the two constellations that have guided sailors at night for thousands of years in this inexpensive and fun activity.

Jell-o Magma Chamber  In this yummy activity you will create a magma chamber using Jell-O and fruit!

Dinosaur Footprint Cookies Learn how to make dinosaur footprints in cookie dough using potatoes!

Will Sea Level Rise When Icebergs Melt?   What would happen if all the ice at the North Pole melted? Find out in this easy and interesting activity.

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