Volcano Activities
Modeling Magma

In these yummy volcano activities you will be creating a magma chamber out of Jell-O and creating crystals out of mixed fruit!

Volcano activities, Modeling Magma Photo by Myrna Martin


  • Bowl with a round bottom that will hold at least six cups of material
  • Measuring cup
  • Large pkg red Jell-O
  • Variety of canned fruit (Pineapple chunks, pears, peaches, etc)
  • Raisins


  1. Boil 2 cups of water.
  2. Pour the package of Jell-o into the bowl.
  3. Add the 2 cups of boiling water and stir until all the gelatin is dissolved.
  4. Stir in 1 cup of cold water.
  5. Place the Jell-O in the refrigerator and let it set until it is very thick before adding the canned fruit.
  6. Drain the various cans of fruit and add them to the Jell-O.
  7. Put the Jell-O with the mixed fruits back in the refrigerator to harden overnight.
  8. Let the Jell-O sit on the counter for about 25 minutes before trying to remove it from the mold.
  9. Turn the Jell-O in the mold over onto a plate.
  10. The shape of your Jell-O Magma Chamber is similar to ones underground.
  11. If your magma chamber breaks apart slightly as you was released from the mold it may be that is what might have happened underground in a real magma chamber!
  12. Now its time to enjoy eating your yummy creation!

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Science behind the activity

In these volcano activities you have learned that magma chambers are areas underground where molten rock collects beneath a volcano. The molten rock begins to cool in these chambers and crystals form in the liquid rock. The red Jell-o represents the molten rock and the fruit are crystals that are growing as the molten rock cools.

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Volcano Activities, Modeling Magma In this yummy activity you will create a magma chamber using Jell-O and fruit!

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