Water that Floats and Sinks

Properties of water

Why does water that is floating suddenly begin to sink. This water cycle activity shows you what happens to ice cubes when they begin to melt when floating in oil. 


  • Red, blue or green food coloring
  • Ice cube tray
  • Bottle of salad oil
  • Plastic container


  1. Mix food coloring with water so that it turns a dark color.
  2. Freeze the colored water in an ice cube tray overnight.
  3. The next day pour the salad oil into a container that is deep enough to float an ice cube.
  4. The ice cube should be at least 3 inches from the bottom.
  5. Watch what happens as the ice cube melts for about 5 minutes!

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Science behind the activity

The ice cube floats in the oil because water expands when it freezes and becomes lighter than the salad oil. As the ice cube melts and turns into a liquid it contracts.

The water becomes heavier than the salad oil forming round balls of water suspended in the salad oil as it drifts to the bottom of the container.

The water forms small balls of liquid because the water molecules are attracted to each other and not the oil. This causes surface tension to form on the outside of the water molecules. The shape they form, a ball, is the most compact shape it can form as it drifts down through the oil.

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