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The volcano facts covered on this website include information about super volcanoes, pyroclastic flows, the Hawaiian volcanoes, types of volcanoes and much more. The links at the bottom of the page include much more information about these mountains of fire.

Kilauea Volcano, Halemaumau fountains, May 31, 1954. Photo by J.P. Eaton, USGS

Kilauea Volcano, Halemaumau fountains,
May 31, 1954
.  J.P. Eaton, USGS

Yellowstone a super volcano
Super volcanoes create the largest and most deadly forces on Earth. Yellowstone caldera is a supervolcano. Its eruptions created pyroclastic flows that cover large areas of the surrounding land.

Formation of dome volcanoes
A dome volcano is a small crumbly volcano that usually grows in calderas or on the sides of stratovolcanoes. The dome on Mount Saint Helens has been growing since the 1980 eruption in the caldera formed during the eruption.

Volcanic eruptions
Check out volcano facts about volcanoes that have erupted worldwide on these web pages: 79 AD Vesuvius eruption, Alaskan volcanoes,and the Krakatoa eruption.

Hawaiian Volcanoes
The Hawaiian volcanoes are usually quiet eruptions which allow visitors to watch an eruption safely.  Visitors from all over the world come to watch Kilauea and Mauna Loa when they are erupting. Find out more about the Hawaiian Volcanoes on these pages.

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Lahars are volcanic mudflows. They are triggered by small eruptions of snow covered volcanic peaks. They also form after large volcanic eruptions have deposited large amount of ash on the slopes of volcanoes.

Pyroclastic flows
Pyroclastic flows
are the deadliest events that happen during a volcanic eruption. They are producted by large stratovolcanoes and super volcanoes during violent eruptions. The superheated gases in these flows travel down the slopes of volcanoes destroying everything in their path.

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Super Volcanoes Find out more about supervolcanoes, a term coined to describe great volcanic eruptions that produce huge amounts of ash and pyroclastic material that can alter the weather here on Earth.

Volcano Facts Find out more volcano facts about these mountains of fire that produce Earth eruptions that can alter the weather on our planet sometimes for several years.

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