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Two-toned lobster

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A rare two-toned lobster was caught off the coast of Maine. It is estimated that only 1 in 50 million lobsters will have this coloration. The lobster was half orange and half brown. One person viewing the lobster thought it looked like someone had taken some tape and covered one side and then painted the other side.

two-toned lobster with fisherman who caught it

Two-toned lobster with fisherman who caught it.

Lobster at Gulf of Maine Research Institute
The lobster fisherman, Jeff Edwards, who lives in Owl’s Head thought he would show it to his family and friends after he caught it. After photographing the lobster he donated it to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. The institute is a nonprofit marine center in Portland. It will keep the lobster in a tank for visitors to see and children’s education programs.

People are marveling at lobster
One employee of the institute said people visiting the marine center were stopped in their tracks when they saw the lobster. Even people who have seen thousands of lobsters marvel at this one.

Normal colors of lobsters
Lobsters living in the wild are generally greenish-brown in color and only turn red only after being boiled. The institute has seen blue and calico lobsters before but not one like the two-toned colored lobster. Yellow and blue lobsters occasionally turn up along the Maine coast. The rarest of all lobster mutations is the albino.

Maine coast lobsters
Lobster populations are booming along the Maine coast. Last year lobster boats brought ashore a record 126 million pounds of lobster. This is double what they were bringing in just 10 years ago. Let’s hope that if a lobster fisherman finds an albino in their net they will donate it to the institute for everyone to see.

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